Dr Organic Snail Range

For over a week now my mum and I have been using these Dr Organic Snail products that can be purchased from the Holland Barrett. I was lucky enough to be sent these to review. I haven’t used any of this range before and I felt quite strange putting a snail serum on my face. My mum didn’t mind so much and dived in and covered her face in it as she’s always looking for new face care to help prevent wrinkles and smooth wrinkles out. I started with the eye serum first in the morning and then used the face serum and then the moisturiser on top.
Dr Organic Snail Range The texture of the serum and moisturiser left my face feeling firm and a tad shiny. Until now I didn’t realise that for the night time routine the serum needs to be put on last. I left the serum, moisturiser and eye cream on all day and it definitely left my skin hydrated. The only problem I’m trying to get used to is the smell of the products they have a off minty smell.

They could just be covering up the snail smell who knows. My mum didn’t find any problems with the products or smells only that her face felt a bit greasy. It was soon night time and after washing and cleansing my face I applied the eye serum, moisturiser and face serum. I much preferred the serum being put on last. Before going to bed with the serum on the outside it felt like I had just put on a face mask on before bed to hydrate my face. In the morning your face does feel and look more plump and I think over time it will really help keep your skin firm and hydrated.Dr Organic Snail Range Holland and BarrettI used the actual face mask I was sent and these retail for £1.99. The texture was really nice and I left it on for 10 minutes. My face did feel nice after the same with the moisturiser and serum. Even though my face felt shiny and a bit greasy I still loved how my face felt afterwards nice and smooth and plump and definitely hydrated as my skin is always dry.Dr Organic Snail Range Holland and Barrett Review I read up about the snail range and they have taken the chemicals that the snail uses to regenerate it’s shell and added this to the products which is pretty amazing. There are lot’s of really great ingredients in each product from Aloe Vera Juice to Avocado Oil. I can’t wait to keep using these products on a daily bases and see how my skin is in 6 weeks time.

Would you be brave enough to use these Snail products?

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