Disneyland Paris Park at Christmas

The Disneyland Park is the main part out of the two and it’s the biggest as well. I spent most of my time at the Disneyland Park as they had the most attractions. There was a boat ride in one corner of the park and a train ride that took you to all the sections of the park if you needed a break from walking. The main attraction at the Disneyland Park is clearly the Disney Princess Castle which in the centre of the park. On entering the park you are greeted with a giant Christmas tree and then you are on Main Street which are old fashioned buildings which are the Disney gift shops and cafes. I had a four day ticket to each of the parks so you can visit more than one park in a day.

christmas theme at disneyland paris

They had plenty of little cafes and restaurants in main Street and also dotted around the park. The gift shops were basically the same everywhere except from the occasional sweet shop. The Disney Princess Castle had two stores you could visit selling crystal items that you could see being made. You could go to the next floor in the castle which just gives you a view of the park.

During the day there are a number of parades around the park and some start at the Disney Castle. The park closes at 7 most nights and that’s when the firework display starts. I have been to Disneyland Orlando and California a few times and I know not to compare it to them as they are completely different. There were a few fireworks and lots of Disney music especially the Frozen song Let it Go. The main performance was Disney characters projected onto the Castle which I could just about see. Before going to Disneyland Paris I researched where people thought it was best to watch the fireworks even though there weren’t amazing like the ones in the US. Some girl wrote online about sitting on a bench facing away from the castle and then just sitting or standing up near the bench when it was time for the fireworks.

I found the bench two hours before the performance and sat there waiting. To be honest I was tired and cold and we found the bench probably a bit too early as two hours felt like forever. The thing is the girl was right online we had the best seats as we sat through the whole performance whilst other people around us stood the whole time. After the fireworks show not being that great I did wish we hadn’t waited two hours.

During the day whilst walking around I did at times feel a bit old as I didn’t know any of the new Disney Princesses but then at time I felt like I was reliving my childhood and got back in the Disney magic. The Disney stores were quite expensive and it was difficult to find anything under £4. Lots of little girls were wearing the Disney Princess outfits that you can buy from the stores they were around 60 Euros each. I bought quite a few Christmas presents from the stores. My favourite products in the Disney stores was the Home sections from tea towels to mugs everything was Disney themed.

parade at disneyland paris at christmas 2014

I would love to go there during the year when it’s sunny and see what products that stock that aren’t Christmas themed. There were times walking around the park and there were plenty of staff but if you needed help it was like they couldn’t help as they didn’t no much English and they all spoke in French the whole time. It was also difficult to find any English talking tourists to take photos. As there was only two of us a lot of other couples came up to us and asked us to take their photos in return they would take one of us too. I think this is what most couples do as sometimes I asked and returned the favour and then other young couples also did the same as your both in the same boat.

The food in the parks was a bit of a let down as it was mainly all fast food and it was really expensive. The only food items I bought were chips and nutella crepes. It’s best to eat before or after, leave the parks and return later, bring food in from the Disney Village or bring your own food. I spent 3 days out of the six in the Disney Park which was enough to see everything. The queues for the rides can be long which is why I don’t see how people can visit both parks in one day or even one park in one day.

I’m not a great fan of rides so I only went on a few kid rides as some queues were quite long. I love It’s a Small World and the Teacup ride. Around the park there were opportunities to get your photograph with different Disney characters. The queues were quite long and the little girls had to wait 2 hours in a queue to see the Disney princesses. There weren’t as many photo opportunities as there are in the American Parks.

Are you thinking about going to Disneyland Paris?


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