Disneyland Paris Haul

I was in Disneyland Paris for 6 and I was planning on doing a lot of shopping. I spent most days at the Disney parks but I also spent one and a half days at the La Vallée Village which is a designer outlet and also the Val d’Europe Shopping Center where the two storey supermarket is. I bought a lot of Christmas presents for my family from the supermarket and the Disney shops. There were lots of Disney stores in the Disney Village and also in each of the two parks. The Disney shops were quite expensive and there weren’t much Disney items in the supermarket or shopping centre.

There were a couple of offers on in the Disney stores where you spend a certain amount and you get an item for 50% off. I bought the Bathroom towels for 10 Euros instead of 20 as I had spent over 20 Euros in the store.

Here are some of the prices Mickey Mouse Socks 9.99, Disney Pen 4.99, Christmas Decorations 12.99, Mickey cups 11.99, Tea Light holders 12.99, 2015 tray 4.99, Studio shot glass 3.99, personalised shot glass 10.00, Disney Mirror 5.99, Disney Magnet 3.00, Alice in Wonderland Cups 11.99, Mickey Keyring 3.99 and Thor Keyring 7.99.
Disneyland Paris Haul November Christmas 2014 I bought a couple of items for myself from the Disney Stores. Most of the stores sell the same items which is a good trick as you see everything you want all day and then you eventually buy it. The best thing is to take a photograph of everything you want and then by the time you go home see if you still want it and then buy it, that way you know if you still want the item. The thing I was most looking forward to was chocolate shopping. I love seeing what chocolate other countries sell. I visited the two storey supermarket at the Val d’Europe Shopping Centre. I came across all of these Milka and Kinder chocolates. My favourite is the Kinder Advent Calendar and the Kinder Stocking. They had a lot of Kinder and Milka chocolate that you couldn’t get here in the UK.Christmas Disneyland Paris HaulIn the supermarket they had a separate beauty area which was cheaper than the pharmacy in the shopping centre. The Bioderma was two for 20 Euros which is a lot cheaper than the UK. I also bought a Bioderma travel set for 8.50 Euros. The Avena spray was a free gift with my Bioderma and Caudalie set. The Caudalie lip balm and hand cream was 5.50 Euros which isn’t bad. I picked up the lipstick fridge magnets from one of the best home ware stores I’ve ever been too. I wish I coud of bought a lot of home ware from the shopping centre as they had some lovely stores.Disneyland Paris HaulTwo of my favourites stores at Val d’Europe was a cheapish dutch store called Hema which is basically like a mini Ikea. There are a couple of Hema stores here in the UK. I picked up this Desk Planner for 4 Euros and it sits on my desk and I have my whole week planned out ready to be ticked off. The other shop I loved was called Undiz which was a men’s and woman’s novelty underwear store. I bought these Bambi pj bottoms as they were so soft and I loved the design on them. The Bambi bottoms were around 14 EurosVal d'Europe Shopping Center haul

I visited the Hema store in the UK but they didn’t have a lot of stationary as it was quite a small store which can be found at Victoria Station. I also bought a clear acrylic cotton wool ball tub which was 4 Euros from Hema too. These were all the items I bought whilst on holiday at Disneyland Paris. We had to use one suitcase and a holdall to put all the gifts in so it was a bit of a squeeze.

What do you love buying on holiday?


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