Disneyland Paris Cutting Costs

There’s no denying it that Disneyland Paris is pretty expensive but it’s something most people only do once. I first went to Disneyland Paris when I was a couple of weeks old and it was the first day it had opened. Since then I have visited Disneyland Orlando and California over 5 times. This November I have booked up a trip to spend 5 nights and 6 days in Disneyland Paris for the Christmas season.

I spent a least a month researching Hotels and Eurostar prices and I finally found an affordable trip. I have read a lot of reviews online about hotels, food and prices. What I did find out is that the Disneyland Paris Website is really really expensive but if you want the whole Disney experience and you have kids then this is probably something you should go for.

If you book through the Disneyland Paris website you can select what hotel you would like to stay at. Included in the booking is free park tickets, an option for half board and magic early hours in the Disney parks before anyone else. Each Disney hotel also offers a free shuttle to the parks and some include free breakfast too. You can also add the Eurostar to your booking which would make it a lot more expensive. I tried booking through the site but it ended up being over £1200 for two people which is crazy. From the reviews I read online a lot of families tend to drive to Disneyland Paris to save money and then book a hotel through the Disneyland Paris website.Disneyland-Paris-park-tickets-from-Attraction-Tickets-DirectI decided to book my hotel from the Hotelopia website and I used the Eurostar website to book the train tickets. My train tickets were for 5 days, as If I went for a shorter time the train tickets were crazy money so it was 5 days or no days. Right before the arrival date I booked my Disneyland tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct. I had read lot’s of reviews about the company and that they actually send you real tickets and not a voucher that you have to exchange when your there. You can also buy park tickets from the park on the day or from non Disney hotels if you are staying in one of them. The tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct worked out the cheapest and I ordered the pay for 3 days but go for 4 days. You can also get a one day ticket for both parks or two days for two parks etc.

Another big expenditure is food and in all the reviews I came across and when looking at all the Menus from the restaurants at the Disney Village everything was quite expensive. A sit down meal, a main and a dessert which didn’t include a drink comes to round 22 Euros. I will be taking my own breakfast food with me and snacks and drinks for the parks. I will be buying food from the supermarket which is at the shopping centre.

There are a couple of ticket websites where you can also buy tickets for restaurants where your given a set meal. This will save you some money if you definitely want to eat there such as the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

How would you save money if you were visiting Disneyland Paris?


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