Disney Village at Disneyland Paris

The Disney Village at Disneyland Village is the village that is in between the two Disney parks. The Disney Village has a large Disney store that is open till really late. There is also a Lego store along with other retail stores. The Disney Village also hosts the Wild West Show where you watch a Wild west show with all the Disney characters and have a meal whilst your there. The Disney Village has a number of restaurants and a mini Christmas market with crepes and sweets. There is also a Starbucks and Mcdonalds in the Disney Village that really comes in handy. To eat at Planet Hollywood and the Rainforest Cafe it was around 22 Euros each just for a main course and a dessert. As I was there for 6 days I couldn’t spend 50 euros a night on food.

I ate breakfast in the hotel room before heading out and a couple of times at Starbucks and Mcdonalds. I had lunch and dinner at Earl of Sandwich as they had a selection of salads, wraps and hot sandwiches for 7.95 Euros. There was also a hot air balloon in the lake in the Disney Village that you could pay to go on and they also had swan boats you can hire out. One of the busiest restaurants in the Disney Village was Mickey’s Cafe where you get to meet the Disney characters whilst your eating.Rainforest Cafe fish Disney Village in Disneyland Paris

Mickey’s Cake was around 45 Euros per person. Once you have spent the day in the parks everyone heads to the Disney Village for food and shopping. Near the sports bar there is a small games arcade for children. To get into the Disney Village you need to go through security and this can be quite difficult if you have a heavy suitcase they need to scan. If you don’t fancy eating in the parks you can either eat before or after visiting the parks or take food in to the parks from the Disney Village.

Have you been to Disneyland Paris before?


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