Deliciously Ella Recipe Book

This book was in my previous shopping haul and I have only recently been reading healthy eating blogs. After reading Deliciously Ella I decided to buy the book from Amazon as it was only around £7. A lot of people class eating healthy as expensive and this book definitely goes by that. From expensive kitchenware to buying Almonds and Dates every week. I think this book is best if you use it for parties and when you need that really naughty treat. It’s unrealistic to eat like this everyday day but obviously if you have the money and time then it will be easy achieve. I’m trying to have a couple of days a week where I eat clean food which is natural food and my motto is If you can’t pick it or kill it don’t eat it.This book explains the story behind Ella and her illness and how she got better by changing her diet.Deliciously Ella recipesDeliciously Ella bookThe book also shows what food should be in your cupboards at all times and what the best kitchen appliances you will need. There are quite a few recipes in the book but you can find a lot more on her blog. I like the salad, sweet potatoes and brownie recipes that are featured.I’m currently saving up for a food processor after reading lots of reviews online and watching YouTube videos which will take a few months. I didn’t realise how many things a high end food processor could do from slicing to juicing.Deliciously Ella book homemade hummusI’m going to be featuring some of the recipes on here and seeing how they taste and if I can easily make them day to day.

What are your favourite recipe books?


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