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Here are the daily beauty products I have been using for a couple of years now. I used to use a different range of products in my teens but now in my mid twenties I have been using these products.

The Clinique Surge Moisturiser has been a favourite of mine for a few years now. I love gel moisturisers as I feel that white cream moisturisers block my pores and gives me pimples. The a layer of gel smooths out my skin and hydrates it at the same time. I have tried other alternative in the past that have been cheaper but nothing I have tried has been better than the Clinique Surge. The moisturiser retails for £34 but I always wait until there’s an offer on such as 10%. You only need to use a little bit of moisturiser as it goes a long way.
beauty products I can’t live withoutI have been using these products for a few years now and I know there is going to be a time in the future where I will need to use different products. Due to the weather being hot in the UK on some days I have realised my YSL Shocking mascara flakes a little bit so I thought I would try a new mascara that’s waterproof. I bought the Dior Showtime mascara but it really irritated my eyes and the skin around my eyes and it was hard to get off. I went straight back to the YSL Shocking mascara. It make my lashes really long and I haven’t yet come across another mascara like it. The mascara is around £24 but I never pay full price. This mascara lasts me around 4-6 months and I use it only on the days I go out. The mascara isn’t waterproof and it doesn’t clump up.

I have finally found a cheap affordable face scrub that does the job. The St Ives can be found in any Boots or Superdrug stores and it’s a couple of pounds. There are two types you can buy, one for normal skin and one for sensitive skin. The scrub is just the right texture to remove all your dead skin cells and leaves your face really soft. I have tried expensive face scrubs in the past but nothing beats this due to its price.

I have been using Bioderma H20 and I have reviewed it a few times before. I buy all my Bioderma from France as I have been lucky to go there a couple of times in the past three years. I buy 4 bottles at a time and store them under my desk. Each bottle can last me between 5-6 months which is quite a long time. I still have around 5 bottles to use up so they will last me a long time. I use the Bioderma to cleanse my face before bed and also to remove any mascara that might be left. I do rely on the Bioderma a lot and sometimes I feel like I should actually go and wash my face with water and a flannel as I use the Bioderma too much. My face feels clean and fresh after using the Bioderma H20 I can’t see myself ever using anything else.


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