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The first stop of the 2 week cruise was Barcelona somewhere where I have been three times before so I know roughly where everything is and how to get to it. You can get a cruise to Barcelona that goes to other countries in the Mediterranean or you can fly to Barcelona and catch a cruise. and from there as well. After getting a taxi from the ship to the Mirador de Colom roundabout which is located at the bottom of a road called Las Ramblas which is a well-known shopping/eating street in Barcelona.  The taxi should cost you 10 Euros from the port to Las Ramblas.

Las Ramblas is a straight long road which leads up to a shopping square where there’s a department store, a small in door shopping centre, Sephora, Sanrio and the Hard Rock Café. There are plenty of places to eat from restaurants to cafes to gelato stores. I spent the day shopping by just walking up Las Ramblas where they also have street performers like the ones seen in Covent Garden.BarcelonaMy favourite stores in Barcelona are Sephora as there isn’t one in London and Women’s Secret as I love their pyjamas. Also just off the Las Rambles street is a massive food market with fish and fruit but you can’t really buy anything that you can take back to the cruise but it’s a great place to wonder around and take photographs. There are also lots of places in Barcelona to buy souvenirs and I also like visiting the locals supermarkets as they have a lot of different food to us. Barcelona is a great place to stay for a couple of days, they also have a harbour which then leads on to a beach and there are also more stores in the harbour.
To get around Barcelona I have only ever got taxis and it’s always best to ask them how much it’s going to cost first before you take the journey. The weather was very hot in Barcelona but there’s plenty of shade down the Las Rambles road. Barcelona also has well known high street stores like H&M and Zara, Zara is 20% cheaper than at home so it’s worth a visit.Barcelona shopping streetBarcelona Las RamblesWhilst in a supermarket I came across this Calvin Klein boxers vending machine which I haven’t seen before and is quite strange. I can see London having a vending machine like this by creating a big event around this machine but it was just next to the toliets in Barcelona.Barcelona mens boxers vending machineI have to visit the Sanrio store where I bought a small plastic oyster card holder which was around 1.50 Euro which is a lot cheaper than the UK.Sanrio in BarcelonaIt was only a couple of weeks ago that I found out there was a Sephora in Barcelona. I’m not sure how long the store has been there before but I couldn’t find it when I was shopping and then I came across it inside a small shopping centre. I spent quite a long time in there looking around as it’s quite a big store.Sephora in BarcelonaChocolate in BarcelonaIf Las Ramblas isn’t your cup of tea there are plenty of other attractions in Barcelona. You can visit the Picasso museum which is next to the harbour, the two shell houses which are near Las Ramblas and not forgetting the famous gothic cathedral which is nearly finished after 500 years of people working on it. I have been to the cathedral before but didn’t get the chance to go in as there was over an hour wait to get it.

I didn’t go to Casa Batlló or Casa Milà on this trip as I saw them the last time I was in Barcelona but they are unusual so worth a visit. Here are some of the stores I visited in the day and I also tried kinder ice cream and Kinder Bueno ice cream which was really nice it actually tastes like the chocolate.. I also bought lots of chocolate from the local supermarket which you can’t find in the UK.Barcelona Kinder Ice CreamAlso whilst walking up Las Ramblas I came across a Dunkin Coffee a well known chain from America.Barcelona Dunkin DoughnutsMy trip to Barcelona was really good as there are plenty of attractions to visit and lot’s of stores to shop in. Barcelona is a great place to spend a weekend.
I would defiantly come back to Barcelona again as I would love to visit and go inside the cathedral and be able to do more shopping.

Have you been to Barcelona before?

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  1. joannerambling August 14, 2013 / 2:00 am

    That Calvin Klein vending machine is just strange I have never seen or heard of such a machine, like who needs to get their underwear out of a machine

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