Corinthia Hotel London Review

I won a competition that included a stay at the Corinthia Hotel in London and tickets to the Bafta TV Awards. My review of the Bafta TV Awards 2015 and the Bafta TV Awards Goody Bag I won. I first heard of the Corinthia Hotel on Twitter a few years ago and started following them. They retweet a lot of photographs people have taken on their stay. The photographs are lovely and I have always wanted to stay there but it’s quite expensive. I was so excited to find out it was the hotel I will be staying on the night of the Bafta TV Awards. The Corinthia Hotel is located across from South Bank and the nearest station is Charing Cross Station. The Corthina Hotel is a five-star hotel and rooms start at £480 a night. I booked a twin room as I was staying with my sister who was also going to the Bafta TV Awards. The hotel was quite easy to find and the building is a strange shape due to it being on a corner as all the balconies face inwards. The staff at the hotel were very friendly and were offering to help as much as they could. The reception area was quite spacious with a massive table in the centre with a lot and I mean a lot of flowers in vases. Also from the entrance you could see into the afternoon tea room where they are known to have an amazing ceiling light.

We headed up to our room which was on the third floor and was room 346. The corridors were really wide and modern. The room was a little smaller than rooms I had stayed in abroad and the quality and décor was the same standard as a 4 or 5 star branded hotel in other parts of the world. With the price being so high I think this is due to the service, quality and mainly that it’s in central London. When you enter the room there is a little hallway and then three sliding doors. The sliding doors opposite the front door was to a cupboard and dressing room area. This area had a window with lot’s of wardrobe space and space to place suitcases. There was also a number of draws which contained a hair dryer and safe ect.

The sliding doors to the right took to you’re a large marble bathroom. The first thing I noticed was the TV in the bath. There were two sinks in the bathroom which is always needed as I actually have two sinks my bathroom at home too. There was a toilet and shower also with frosted doors but no lock on any of the doors in the room except the front door. It took us a while to find the lights for the bathroom and bedroom. Through the finally set of sliding doors was the twin room. The bedroom was quite large and there was a table and chairs next to a TV. On the other side of the room there was a drink and food section with a fridge and coffee machine. I did try a cup of tea from the coffee machine but I don’t think the machine had been cleaned in a while so it was undrinkable which was a shame. The bedroom leaded out onto a slim balcony that over looked the afternoon tea room.

The hotel and balconies were so quite even though there was quite a lot of people walking around due to the events at the hotel. We ordered room service after 9.30 and we shared a club sandwich as it cost £23 which is crazy as it was quite small. The club sandwich and fries were really nice though and you got little jars of mustard and ketchup too. When we came back to the hotel after the event the staff had put a mat next to the bed with some slippers, a glass of water with a glass, the breakfast menu and a bag of lavender to help you sleep. The bed that was so comfy you just sink in to it. I got around 9 hours sleep which is quite good for me as normally I wake up lot in the night. In the morning whilst on the balcony I noticed a celebrity from the Bafta TV Awards she was in her pyjamas on the balcony smoking. It was Maisie Williams from Games of Thrones. In the morning before heading home I made sure I found time to use the bath so I could watch TV and also the shower. The bath was really deep and it filled up within minutes and it was really nice to watch the TV too. The shower was also amazing as it had a massive square head probably the size of two plates. I definitely want a bathroom like this when I move out. We didn’t have breakfast at the hotel as it was around £34 each which is quite a lot. The cheapest things you could of ordered was a £2 sausage or a 35 croissant.

The hotel also had a Spa you could use and also a swimming pool and sauna. If you are a guest at the hotel the swimming pool and sauna are free. If you want to go there and use the facilities it will cost you £95.  If I had the money to stay at the hotel I think it would be a great hotel to stay in whilst exploring London as it’s in easy walking distance to everything. I really enjoyed my stay here the guests and staff were really friendly and they really look after you so you have an enjoyable stay.

What hotel’s do you like to stay at?


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