Coppa Club Igloos in london

coppa club igloosAround Christmas time in London there are plenty of pop ups and Christmas markets to visit up until new year. Coppa Club near the Tower of London decided to make good use of their out door space throughout Christmas. Right near Tower Bridge and the Thames were Igloos lit up with fur covered chairs. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner inside the Igloo day or night in comfort. The Igloo was warm and had a cosy feeling. The menu had plenty of comfort food to enjoy. I opted for the Chicken Caesar Salad as it was Lunch time and also the carbonara.
coppa club igloo Most evening bookings sold out within days but Coppa Club had plenty of spaces available for walk ins during the day time. The food was really good and it was a great experience. The food came up as big portions with good quality ingredients. This was my first visit to Coppa Cub and I’m already looking forward to returning in the new year.
london pop up igloo Some Igloos catered for larger parties of up to 8 people and other Igloos had three tables for two couples and a table for four. I love visiting pop ups in London even if they only last a few days or a month. I’m sure Coppa Club will be hosting the dine in a Igloo for 2017 so I will definitely be booking an evening time slot to dine in a n igloo under the stars.


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