Christmas Day 2014

My Christmas days have been the same for as long as I can remember. I wake up at my house at around 9 with my family and we sit and open all of our presents. We used to wake up at 5am when we were a lot younger. My mum turned 50 this year and as a combined present she got a Chanel bag which is quite nice. For a couple of years now we have been cooking croissants and cinnamon buns for breakfast on Christmas day as they only take 10 minutes in the oven. I get a mini stocking and a selection box outside my room every year that I also open in the morning. After all the presents have been given out we all start to get ready to head to my nan and granddad’s house.

My cousins stay over at nan’s house and we arrive there around 11. All the adults take it in turns every year to cook and wash up. As dinner is being prepared for and cooked the rest of the family lay the two tables and then sit and watch TV and talk until 3 when dinner is done. I spent some of the day getting some writing down and then I just chilled until dinner.We have the standard roast dinner with turkey on Christmas as well as some other meats. The parents all sit together in my nan’s dinning room and the rest of the family sit near them just in the hallway. After dinner we have our dessert and then the adults who didn’t cook wash everything up. Once everything is washed up and everyone’s in the living room the presents can then be shared out. There’s about 16 of us at my nan’s house so it’s a bit of a tight squeeze in the living room. It can take around an hour to two hours to hand out all the presents and then tidy up all the wrapping paper.

After all the presents are put away in out own separate bags some of the adults go for a walk whilst the others all sit and watch TV. Everyone spends the evening watching TV, eating chocolate and talking. There were a couple of times where most people were on their phones, iPads and tablets which some people got annoyed about.

Christmas films are watched most of the day and then in the evenings we have to watch the soaps in the kitchen as not all the family wants to watch them. I stay at my grandparents house until around 11pm and then head home.

I also spend boxing day at my nan’s house to with all my cousins. We cook a second roast dinner on boxing day and my nan’s sister comes over as well. My nan’s sister gets to open her presents on boxing day after dinner. I stay until 11 again on boxing day and we watch all the films and soaps that are on. There was one thing I was looking forward to was the Heston’s Giant Chocolate from Heston at Waitrose. The giant chocolate bar is made of nougat, caramel, biscuit and chocolate. I loved the nougat and caramel but I wasn’t very keen on the biscuit as it was quite grainy.Hestons Giant Chocolate Bar reviewHestons Giant Chocolate BarOn the 27th it’s my sisters birthday so once again everyone is at my nan’s house. We have a takeaway on the day after boxing day and some of us go out and hit the sales whilst others start to slowly take some of their stuff back home. After dinner we open my sisters presents and have cake. We spend the time watching TV and eating any left over food or chocolates from Christmas. The next day everyone goes home and my nan’s house is emptied of all the presents and they can now get some piece and quiet. I would love to go away at Christmas or do something different as it would be quite fun to spend Christmas away.

What do you do on Christmas Day?


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