Christmas at Matalan

You maybe thinking I’m starting Christmas a little early but why not as it only comes around once a year and the day goes so quickly. Matalan* got in touched and wanted to help me start Christmas early by selecting a few pieces from their New Christmas Ranges. I decided to go for their 6ft Christmas tree and it was quite refreshing to have a new Christmas tree after having my old family Christmas tree for 10 years.

The tree was quite easy to put up and it was a lot bigger than I imagined. The tree was really sturdy and good quality. This year Matalan have a number of Christmas trends which are great themes to pick from depending on the type of style you like for Christmas. I decided to go for the Frosted Rose Trend but I also loved the Nordic Trend and the Heritage Trend. I tried to stick to another theme and I selected heart decorations for the tree. The quality of the decorations were better than I expected as they weren’t that expensive compared to other department stores.

My favourite decoration was the Christmas Iridescent Ball Tree Decoration which was only £3. I really don’t know anywhere else where they sell larege high quality decorations for £3. The decorations I selected were mostly glittery so I did get a lot of glitter everywhere. I really love the look of the Christmas tree and how the decorations all create the Frosted Rose look. I will defiantly be buying some more decorations to fill in some of the gaps around the back of the tree. Matalan has a number of Christmas tree and decorations to choose from which are all inexpensive. I can’t wait to show everyone in my family the new Christmas tree as all the decorations look really expensive.

When will you be putting your Christmas Tree up?


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