Chocolate Haul from Europe

When I go away one of my favourite things to do is visit local supermarkets where the locals go shopping and to eat at restaurants they visit. Another favourite of mine is Chocolate of course and whilst on a two week cruise I shopped around for all the chocolate that couldn’t be found here in the UK. My favourite brands of chocolate are Kinder, Milka and Nutella. Europe minus the UK gets a wide range of products whereas here in the UK we get one range of products which is a bit unfair.

Kinder Choco Fresh 5 Pieces- This is just like the Kinder Hippos that you can get in the UK. These are covered in milk chocolate with a layer of caramel at the bottom and in the middle is fresh cream. I had doubts when buying these as I wasn’t sure how they would taste. After getting back on the ship and putting them back in the fridge to get cool I finally tried one as I couldn’t resist. The chocolate coated cracks which then you can taste the fresh cream so it’s quite sweet then you get to the thick melted caramel at the bottom. Just eating chocolate with cream and caramel is heaven so these hippos were very nice for a treat. I would defiantly buy these again or if they were in the UK.
chocofreshmikadachocolateWhilst in France I came across some new Mikado chocolate sticks. I picked up the Black night and King Choco Praline. I don’t buy these all the time in the UK just occasionally. The dark chocolate ones were really nice but not as nice as the praline ones. The praline ones were double the amount of chocolate than normal. Here in the UK they only sell the normal ones and the Daim bar ones.

I have been given so many Oreo Milka’s from my cousins as they have family in Germany but I just had to buy some. I also bought some when I was in Paris in February. Firstly this used to be my favourite over the Oreo Cadbury bar but I have changed my mind as I think the Cadbury one is milkier never the less I still enjoy the bar.
kinderchocolaterangeeuropeWhen shopping around in Monte Carlo I visited a local bakery and found these Kinder Chocolat drinks and later found them in a local supermarket where they were much cheaper. These come with a little straw and taste like a thick milky milkshake just like the white kinder chocolate you get in a kinder egg. I love the novelty of these.
KinderJoysEuropekindapicpocreviewEverywhere in Europe except the UK you can purchase Kinder Joys which are kind of like Kinder Eggs but much better. The outer shell is plastic that you pull in half and one section contains a toy and the other some white Kinder chocolate with two Kinder Pic Pocs. I buy these every time I go to Europe and this time came across the Kinder Pic Pocs on their own. The Pic Pocs have melted chocolate inside.milkaandkinderchocolateI also picked up some Kinder Schoko-Bons Crispy chocolates. These are the Pic Pocs with different fillings, ones praline and the other is white and milk chocolate. These were very nice and chocolaty and went quite quickly when I shared them out. I wished the UK had these. I also bought a I love Milka heart box for my boyfriend mainly as I’ve always wanted one. These are plain Milka praline chocolate. You can buy mini heart boxes in the UK but they are praline with Nought. They had different designs of these boxes which are nice for different occasions.
nutellachocolateeuropeI absolutely love Nutella and anything that contains Nutella, so I had to buy these Nutella & Go tubs. I have bought some before but not ones with a drink with it. These are a little pot of Nutella and some crispy sticks to dip into the Nutella they are similar to another product sold in the UK but minus the Nutella. The one with the orange drink in it was the same size as the normal ones but the drink didn’t taste very good so I wouldn’t buy it again just the ones without the drink on the side.
Nutella&GoreviewWhen I was in a supermarket France I decided to risk buying some ice cream and taking it back to the ship to put in the fridge in a tiny section at the top which was cold enough to be a freezer. I found these Oreo ice cream sandwiches even though the photo on the box is exaggerating a bit. These sandwiches are quite soft even though I was expecting the biscuit to be hard. These tasted just like oreos with a cold filling. I wish the UK sold these as I would defiantly buy then again.
icecreamoreosandwichmilkaicecreamtubBefore heading to the beach in Corsica I visited a Spa to buy a drink and came out with a Milka Ice Cream tub they also had Oreo and Tolberone. I have tried Milka cakes/frozen desserts in the UK but I have never liked them. But this tasted just like Milka with lots of nuts on top too so it was quite nice.

Love trying new chocolate ranges from the UK or other countries as I love chocolate a bit too much. I would defiantly give all these try if you ever come across them.

Have you tried any of these chocolates before?


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  1. Kim Carberry September 16, 2013 / 7:21 pm

    Ohh my word! I’m drooling!! I didn’t know some of them chocolate treats existed! lol

  2. joannerambling September 17, 2013 / 3:18 am

    Now most of these look nice and yummy I like the look of the Milka ice cream I have had Milka chocolate that we can get here down under but not the ice cream

  3. TheMacaronAddict September 17, 2013 / 10:07 pm

    I am obsessed with kinder joy!! I had them in italy. I find it so annoying you can get them all over europe except the UK. Thats not fair!!

  4. Sophie (@ciaosophiee) September 29, 2013 / 8:23 pm

    The Nutella and Go tubs are great! I used to love the Oreo Milka too but I’ve found lately that I find it too sweet so don’t like much of it anymore.

  5. franlineup March 27, 2014 / 3:41 pm

    Well this is unfair. Now I just really want chocolate. Great post though. I’m very jealous of your holiday.

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