Choccywoccydoodah in Carnaby Street

I have watched most of the series from Choccywoccydoodah on TV and have seen their store in Brighton. I have always heard people say there is one in Carnaby Street in London. I have been Carnaby Street so many times and have interned near there too and I have never once come across the Choccywoccydooah. The store is definitely hidden and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it there before. After using Google Maps we finally found it down one of the off turnings in the middle of Carnaby Street. The building looks quite big outside and it’s all painted in black with a faint logo on the side of the building. It was quite busy inside and not that much room to walk around due to the store being fully stocked of chocolate of course.

On entering the store your greeted with tables of novelty chocolate gifts and towering sculptured chocolate cakes. It’s quite amazing how much time and skills have gone into the chocolate cakes. Everything in the store is made out of chocolate and you can buy a large range of gifts for different occasions. The chocolate was quite expensive I think the cheapest item was some chocolate drops at £4.99 a bag. I do think it’s a little overpriced for what it is and I think your just buying the novelty of it.If you do want to enjoy some cake upstairs in the cafe it’s best to see if there are any seats available and if not to be put on the waiting list. This happened when I was there so we just waited down stairs on their chase sofa for our name to be called out. We didn’t have to wait that long to be seated. Upstairs is really small and there were a couple of normal tables and then up some steps by the window was an inside balcony area with sofas. The kitchen area is viewable and theres a unit with domes of cakes to chosen from. As we were seated we were given the giant menu which was leaning right near another table and I just thought this was a bit akaward. It took us a while to order and everyone else seemed to be ordering a slice of cake each and a hot chocolate which comes to nearly £10. The cake area had a number of cakes on display that you could choose from mostly 3 layered sponge cakes, 1 5 layered sponge cake and then cookies and brownies.The cake section I only saw one person go other there and look but for me it wasn’t inviting and we weren’t told to go and have a loot or anything. The menu wasn’t that clear and the lovely staff did seem to want us to order quickly to move us on as there was a waiting list to sit in. The staff were really helpful and we ended up just ordering a slice of chocolate cake that had white chocolate truffle as the butter cream inside. The slice of cake came dripped in milk and white chocolate sauce and a scope of ice cream which came to £4.99. Unfortunately between two of us who eat lot’s of chocolate we couldn’t manage it all so had to leave some. The atmosphere was nice and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. People must of spent a fortune there as it was quite expensive. I’m sure they were giving out still water in little cups for £1 something I would of wanted a bottle for that price. The cake it’s self wasn’t a massive WOW factor my favourite bit was the white truffle chocolate which there wasn’t a lot of.The chocolate sponge was quite rick and dry so we couldn’t finish it. I enjoyed eating the thick chocolate from around the outside of the cake but it wasn’t chocolate that was really nice and creamy or anything just standard chocolate. The ice cream looked as if it was from Walls and could have been a gelato ice cream that was better quality. We were so glad we didn’t get a slice each as it was quite difficult to finish. Even though there were improvements that could of been made I would still go back but to try other items from the menu such as their hot chocolate and dipping pots. Not a lot of people were buying any gifts from downstairs just a couple of people coming in and picking up orders fro chocolate cakes.

Have you been to Choccywoccydoodah before?


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  1. Nour June 17, 2015 / 5:52 pm

    Uuuh that sounds quite disappointing! They have such a strong fame that the minimum you could expect was for it to offer excellent cake… I am sad that was not the cake.
    I just visited the entrance bit, which for me was quite nice. Maybe I’m going back just to try the cake myself, but it’s not very encouraging.
    Anyway that was a very good review!

    Nour xoxo

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