Cadburys New Chocolate Bars Review!

cadburysnewchocolatebarsI have waited weeks for the release of Cadbury’s three new chocolate bars and after reviewing the Milka Oreo bar that my cousin got me from Germany I couldn’t wait to try the Cadbury’s version. The three new bars are Toffee Popcorn, Golden Biscuit Crunch and Oreo.cadburysbarsThe one I really wanted to try was the Oreo bar as I thought it couldn’t be as good as the Milka one as the Dairy milk bar would probably have too much chocolate so it would take the Oreo taste away. After spending a week searching as many stores as I could for the new bars I finally found 3 Oreo bars in the small Whsmiths at my train station. I was so excited about it and ended up eating some for my breakfast whilst on the way to University. The other two bars I found in the large Whsmiths in Stratford Westfield but they had no Oreo bars which was a shame.popcornbarDiary Milk with Toffee Popcorn

I’m not that keen on toffee popcorn it’s self and wasn’t very keen on it with chocolate. You can’t really taste much toffee aswell. The bar contain a lot of popcorn and it was my least favourite out of the three.biscuitbarDairy Milk with Golden Biscuit Crunch

As you can see the bar has the milk section that’s also in the Oreo bar which I loved and it the biscuit goes with it quite well and it is similar to the Oreo bar. I would buy this again if I wanted some sweet chocolate.

oreobarDairy Milk Oreo

You can tell just how good this is just by the photograph. This is my favourite out of the three new bars and I have already eaten two bars of it. It has the right texture and right about of Dairy Milk and Oreo pieces. This is just as good as the Milka Oreo bar. It’s very milky and chocolatey but you can easily eat large quantities of it.

Here is my review on Milka Oreo and Norway Chocolate

Have you tried any of the new Cadbury’s bars?



  1. kia October 30, 2012 / 9:32 am

    i was just thinking someone should review the new oreo bar before this popped up on my bloglovin feed, great review 🙂 just need to get my hands on it now! x

  2. Rach0206 October 31, 2012 / 8:42 pm

    thats good loved them so much I thought I needed to do a review 🙂

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