Brit-Stitch Rust Half Pint Satchel Review!

I got this lovely cute half pint rust leather satchel from the Brit-Stitch company which has recently just launched and they manufacture all their products here in the UK which is great news. They sell a number of leather satchels that are all different shapes and you can select which colour you would like the satchel* in or you can have two colours together. At the moment you can buy the bags on their online website or by a number of other retailers who stock their leather satchels.
This satchel is so cute it’s perfect to take out and it’s big enough for a purse, phone and a small digital camera.brit-stitch-leathercompanyIn the past I have owned a black rectangle leather satchel from another company and I had to stop using it due to the fact that it was such a pain to keep undoing both buckles, they look nice on the bag but it took way too much time to undo them every time I needed something out of my satchel. Maybe that’s why when I see people wearing them they are either undone or just one of them is buckled up. This satchel* on the otherhand does have a buckle but it has a magnetic clasp so that I don’t have to undo the buckle which is great as this will allow me to get a lot of use out of this bag.
The length of the strap can change depending on how long or short you want the bag which is good as I’m quite short so I don’t want it too long.brit-stitchThe satchel also comes with a little leather B keyring which was a nice little gift that came with the satchel.brit-stitch-satchel-companyI have already used the satchel and had some compliments too also my mum and sister want one aswell. I tried getting some photograph outside but the weather this week hasn’t been that great. I can’t wait till the summers here as it would be great with a dress.

To check out the satchels they have Brit-Stitch Company
You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter: @Britstitchuk


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  1. joannerambling March 29, 2013 / 3:21 am

    I like the look of that…………..satchel

  2. victoria April 5, 2013 / 7:37 am

    That’s such a cute purse, very stylish! And I can’t believe how much it fits in it! Great for everyday use 🙂

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