BLK DNM Collection at Avenue 32

BLK DNM is classed as a creative project by Johan Lindeberg which was founded in New York in 2011. Johan Lindeberg wanted to focus on the brand through the lens of a camera and wanted the runway to be his catwalk. BLK DNM consists of bring attitude to classic pieces including tailoring denim and leather.

Avenue 32 has recently added BLK DNM to their designer selection on their website. I think BLK DNM ** offers a great range of high quality classic basics. Everyone needs to own basics as that’s how outfits are put together. As Johan Lindeberg said it’s a like grunge meets Paris chic. I think it’s always good to invest in some well-made classic pieces for your wardrobe. I tend to buy a couple of basic items every few years and they tend to last me two years or more. Every season I will pick up non classic pieces to wear with my basics so I will be adding a pop of colour or a different texture to create layers. The pieces in the BLK DNM collection are bound to last you season after season so they practically pay for themselves over time. The reason you may ask, as to why you should spend a tad more on your basics when they are just basic plain clothes, is that you wear them all throughout the year so they need to be durable as you don’t want to keep buying basics and seasonal clothes every season.BLK DNM avenue 32 websiteBLK DNM at avenue 32
My favourite pieces from the collection are the t-shirt and jeans. Lately I have been trying the minimalistic look. This winter I want to make sure I’m not too causal but kind of chic at the same time. I recently bought plain white converse, fitted skinny jeans and fitted jumpers to be worn with a statement necklace. I love the grunge to chic look and it’s quite easy to pull off when you know how. I’m not keen on wasting money on throwaway fashion so the basics stay the same in my wardrobe for years then when it comes to Summer and Winter all I need to do is buy a couple of seasonal items to complete my outfits. My dream would be to one day own a lifelong leather jacket as I think this would be used quite a lot and will be treasured for years. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what new pieces Avenue 32 will be adding to their online store in the future.

Do you like to spend more on classics?


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