Bioderma Travel Set

I bought this Bioderma Travel set a while back in November and I have been slowly using it and I took it to London the other month when I stayed there overnight. I’m not sure if you can get this travel set in the UK but it was around 13-18 Euros from the pharmacy in the supermarket near Disneyland Paris. There are four travel size products in the travel bag.

I have only ever used two products from Bioderma and that has been the H20 water and also the lip balm I had bought from France too. I use H20 every day so this little travel mini will be perfect to take away with me as the bottles I use are 500ml so they are quite healthy.
Another favourite product of mine is the Bioderma Atoderm Gel douche Gentle Shower Gel. I love that it’s ok for dry and sensitive skin and it cleanses and softens. The shower gel is also Paraben free and soap free. The shower gel can also be bought here in the UK and at my amaze you can get a 1 litre bottle. It has a light fresh smell to it and it didn’t foam up a lot like other shower gels. It left my skin smooth, soft and clean. Some shower gels irritate my skin. I think once this one has been used up I will buy the large 1 litre bottle as it has a pump on it.The next two items are only 15ml and are both creams. I haven’t used them as much as the shower gel and the Bioderma H2O. I have dry skin in general and I found the nourishing cream was a thicker cream and was best used before going to bed. I don’t tend to normally use creams as I prefer gels. The light cream is best for during the day as it didn’t leave my face greasy at all. Both creams are for sensitive skin and dry skin. The 15ml size is quite small but you don’t need to use a lot every time you use it. I love this travel set and the brand Biodermar so I can’t wait to buy more from either the UK or France.

What have you tried from Bioderma?


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