Beauty: Summer Favourites

I feel like it was time for a beauty post as these days I seem to be focusing on lifestyle posts more. I have put together my must have products for summer which I use daily. I love putting away my winter products and bringing out my summer products or buying all new products. As you may know I don’t wear make up and I really don’t know how people can even wear make up in this weather. I have already used this products quite a lot this summer already and also when I went on holiday in May and June.
beauty-must-haves-summer-14I have selected 5 main products that are a must have for summer and are my essentials.summer-flowersFirstly in the summer I make sure my nails and toe nails are painted as I really don’t like wearing sandals if my toe nails are bare. I repaint my nails every week to freshen them up and I use the Ave-Hue Essie nail polish. This pink is perfect for summer and even though pink isn’t my favourite colour I don’t think the pink is too overpowering like a neon pink. Essie polishes last a long time and you only have to apply two coats. I love all the names of the polishes, I also like mint apple as well for summer.

Is it just me or does anyone else only wear perfume in summer? I have been loving the Miss Dior Eau De Perfum which I’ve had for a couple of months and it’s nearly all gone now. What attracted me to the perfume first was the bottle as it looks like a present wrapped with a bow. The perfume has a sweet, girly jasmine smell that isn’t too overpowering. I love smelling perfumes as you always know what you are buying as you can sample them beforehand. I prefer small bottles of perfume as they do take up a lot of room and the larger bottles are a lot more experience.

A routine that I haven’t been keeping up with over winter and summer is moisturising everywhere. I always used to do it after a shower but I have been struggling to find the time in the mornings. For a couple of weeks now I have been using the lovely creamy mango body butter from The Body Shop*. I love the big tubs of body butter and how creamy they are. The Body Shop offers a large range of body butters from Shea Butter to Mango fragrance. The smell isn’t too strong and once applied in dries quickly into your skin and doesn’t leave your skin all sticky. My legs are defiantly a lot smoother and hydrated now that I have been keeping up with moisturising.

For a couple of years now I have been repurchasing the Clinique Sun Stick which is 45 SPF and can be bought from most Clinique counters. This sun stick is perfect to keep in your handbag as it’s quite small. When applying the sun stick it can leave your skin shiny which isn’t always great especially if you have applied it to your face. I also use it to touch up on my moles that I have dotted around my arms and legs throughout the day. It is quite expensive to buy and there are cheaper sun sticks in Boots and Superdrugs but I just love Clinique products.

The final item for my favourite beauty products for summer is of course the Pink Lemonade hand gel from Bath and Body works. In summer I tend to eat out more and have more picnics ect. Hand gel is a must if you are in London, as travelling around the tube and then possibly picking up a sandwich and eating it is not good at all as you don’t know what germs you have picked up along the way. Without a doubt there is always a hand gel in my handbag now. The Pink lemonade has a lovely smell that doesn’t put you off of eating with your hands if your having a sandwich. I have quite a lot of the Bath and Body works hand gels and I love the packaging and how easy they are to pop into your handbag.

What are your favourite products to use in summer?


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