Beauty Products that didn’t work for me

Over a couple of months now I have kept some of the beauty products that I have bought and they have been a waste of money. I normally read reviews before I buy an expensive item but I seem to forget when I buy cheaper products but then it all adds up. As it’s 2015 I want to save as much money as I can so I will be checking reviews before I buy anything. I buy most of my beauty products from stores such as Boots, Superdrugs and also supermarkets as they seem to have good offers on. These products might work for other people but they didn’t work for me.

I bought these Herbal Essences Dry Shampoos in December from Sainsburys for £1 each. I use dry shampoo every other day so I can’t live without it. I use batiste dry shampoo and I’ve found nothing that’s come close to it. As they were only £1 I thought I would give them a try. I tend to spray the dry shampoo on my hair upside down and then I brush it all out. With the Herbal Essence dry shampoos there it’s much colour when it’s sprayed. I brushed it out of my hair and my hair when all hard and you could feel the product sitting on your hair. My fringe didn’t seem to be coming clean so I sprayed it again and then it made my hair even more greasy. I definitely wont be using these again as it worked nothing like Batiste.

The next product I tried a couple of months ago was the Biore Pore Cleanser from Boots. I have used their pore strips and they are quite good but are really expensive. I have used charcoal products in the past and some have burnt my face and some haven’t. Unfortunately this one burned my face and that’s why there’s a whole bottle left as I used it twice and it still burnt. Sometimes I have sensitive skin and sometimes I don’t if that’s even possible. I will try other products from Biore.
beauty products I didn't likeAs I don’t wear much make up only mascara I always like to try new mascaras. When I was younger I used to just wear high street brands then through college and university it was just Chanel mascara. I picked up the Maybelline New York The Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black in Asda as it was on offer. It was around £4 I think or maybe a bit less. The mascara as a really thick brush and it applies easy but it doesn’t give you long lashes unless you put loads on and then it goes all over your eyelids. I use this when I’m not going anyway important and just apply it once. I use the YSL Shocking mascara most days as it leaves my lashes really long.

I bought this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water from boots about two months ago. I’ve tried it twice and thought I could replace it with my Bioderma H20 water as I use it everyday. The water feels as if there lot’s of chemicals in it unlike the Bioderma one. I haven’t used it in months and I have just noticed white lumps floating around so I shock it and now they have gone. Not sure what the white lumps where. As the cleanser seems really chemically I really don’t want to put it near my eyes. Even though it says its fine for you Face, Eyes and lips with no perfume. I will be sticking to my Bioderma H20 in future.

What products haven’t you liked this month?


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  1. Rachel June 4, 2015 / 10:09 am

    I haven’t liked any Micellar waters that I have tried so far x

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