Bath and Body Works Products!

bathandbodyworksminicandlesTwo of these candles were sent over from America from when I did a beauty swap and the Mint Chocolate candle I bought from the store in January when I was there on holiday. These mini candles unfortunately don’t last long which is a shame as I didn’t want to buy a large candle as my suitcase would be too heavy. These candles smell of what they are called unlike other candles I’ve smelt in department stores. I have already lit some of the candles and the sweet smells fill the room and you can still smell the candle after it has been put out because other candles don’t. I would say the Pineapple Mango is the sweetest smell which I love.
There candles are: Mint Chocolate, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pineapple Mango.
handgelfrombathandbodyworksThese hand sanitizers were from my international beauty swap and I always keep these everywhere as I try to remember to clean my hands if I’m out and I’m about to eat. The smells of these are so nice I can’t decide between them what my favourite one is. Caramel Apple, Island Nectar, Vanilla Berry Sorbet and Berry Amour.
bathandbodyworkslotion These Body Lotions were also from my international swap and I love that these are mostly travel sizes so I can save them for when I go on holiday. I only just realised I had two of the same product. My favourite smell is the Malibu Heat. These leave your skin really soft and fragranced after. Malibu Heat, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Paris Amour.

If you want to buy some American products such as Bath and Body Works then I have found this UK online retailer that have a number of B&BW candles and products that are perfect if your living in the UK and can’t get your hands on products from America as now you can. Visit Lucy Victoria Gifts They also stock their home made brand as well and you can even email them to see if they can get any products in for you which is great. See my other American Haul.


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