Barbican Digital Revolution Exhibition

The other week I finally found the time to book tickets for the Exhibition Digital Revolution at the Barbican in London. The Digital Revolution is running from the 3rd July till the 14th September so you have a couple of days left to visit before it ends. For an adult ticket it costs £12.50 each and you have to book online before hand and pick a time slot which were every 15 minutes. We turned up 15 minutes early to our time slot but we were allowed to go straight through as it wasn’t very busy on a Tuesday.

There were three main sections of the exhibition which were all on different floors which was a tad confusing and we did get lost several times. I mainly booked it up for my bf as he likes games and it was mainly an exhibition for him even though I did in enjoy it myself. As you walk into the first room there are a number of screens on the ceiling which show a number of old games from the past. The first room consisted off the first ever computers and coding language and games consoles and a Pac Man machine which was rather addictive.

Digital Revolution Barbican Centre Bird Wings“Interact with a three-dimensional laser light field, meet giant robotic snakes and see the future of wearable tech. Check out new commissions, or step into digital culture’s past and revisit classic video games and vintage music hardware. Artists, film-makers, designers, musicians and game developers, all pushing their fields using digital media, unite for the first time in Digital Revolution.”

Also in the first room was a short film to watch about the movie gravity and how it was made as someone said it could never be done. The film was created in 3D software and then filmed on a green screen so that in the film the only real bit is the actresses head in the space outfit. I watched the short film about how it was made and I had heard people talk about it when the film came out a couple of months ago and I had always wanted to know the details on how it was made.

There were a lot of interactive products that you could use and listen too whilst you walk around. My favourite part of the exhibition was called The State of Play. There are three screens that you stand in front of and you interact with the screens. The first screen shows a shadow of your body and then birds start to fly from your body and you slowly disappear. This screen represents birth. The second screen you see your shadow being picked to pieces by birds this represents Death. The last screen was my favourite as your arms turn into wings and you can fly up the screen by flapping your arms up and down. I got a bit carried away with this screen to where I forgot everyone was waiting to have their turn and someone had to tell me to keep flying to the top of the screen until I disappear so someone else could have a go.After leaving the first section of the exhibition the next room was a caged area which was filled with computers and game consoles that you could play on. We only spent around 5 minutes in here as we didn’t want to waste our day playing games as we wanted to go for Lunch after in London. The last room was quite interesting as it was a dark room with lasers from the ceiling. You can interact with the lasers and move them around the room. Just before we were about to leave a giant triangle appeared and we stood inside it and it was like we were in a box and bubbles started coming from the ceiling. We stayed in here for around 10 minutes and then headed to the gift shop. We didn’t end up buying anything in the gift shop as there wasn’t much there and it was very expensive.

The Barbican was quite difficult to find from the Barbican station and took us a while to find the entrance. There were plenty of food places to grab a snack and lot’s of out-door and indoor seating areas. The Digital Revolution is a great exhibition to visit if you love technology.

Have you been to the Barbican before?


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