Bafta TV Awards 2015

Last week I won two tickets to the Bafta TV Awards, a hotel stay at the Corinthia Hotel in London, a House of Fraser gift card and a Bafta Goody Bag. Here is the review of the Corinthia Hotel that I stayed at and also the Bafta TV Awards Goody Bag I won. I was so shocked that I had won as I had entered the competition the week before. A cab came at 1pm on Sunday and picked my sister and I up from our house and took us straight to the Corinthia Hotel. The cab company was Addison Lee which is an up market cab service. They use comfortable Ford Galaxy’s with free wifi and phone chargers which is a great idea. The drivers also wear suits too. I will do a separate review of the Corinthia hotel. I haven’t ever been to any award shows before mainly because I find them boring to watch on TV and I don’t really have an interest in celebrities. My sister and I got ready at the hotel and waited outside the hotel for a cab to come past. At the hotel there was a styling suite for press and celebrities to get ready and also it was where one of the two after parties were going to be held. Outside the hotel was a long queue of Addison Lee cars with signs in the windows waiting for people to come out.

The first car had a sign saying Pixi Lott so she must of been inside the hotel getting ready. We managed to get a cab to the Theatre which is where they were currently showing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We got out the cab and asked security were we had to go and they guided us round the back of the red carpet. There were crowds of people along the red carpet shouting at the celebrities. I put my phone and camera away as I assumed we were going in the back door away from the red carpet. After showing two lots of security the tickets I found myself on the red carpet. I just froze and didn’t really know what to do. The public can buy tickets to the Bafta TV Awards which are about £54 each and everyone gets to walk down the red carpet. I took my phone out and tried taking some photos. My sister got James Corndens attention and I took a photograph of them and a photo of him nearly falling over. The security guard told us to keep walking up the carpet. We arrived at around 6.10 and it was meant to start at 6.30. The red carpet was crazy and we were asked again to go into the building even though we weren’t on there a long time at all. The Bafta TV Awards didn’t actually start till 7pm. The red carpet was a bit of a blur as there were celebrities everywhere and people shouting their names. I wish I had filmed the short time I was on there for.

Other members of the public that were in groups seemed to of had plenty of time to take loads of photographs as they got there earlier. The theatre was quite small inside with stalls level to the stage for the celebrities, grand and royal circle areas with a couple of box seating areas. The public went off the red carpet off down the side of the building to a side door where you then had to walk up a load of stairs. On every seat was a bottle of water and box of limited edition hotel chocolates that were in the shape of the Bafta awards mask. There were two small TV screens where you could watch the nominees and you could clearly see the stage. Thanks to some woman in the front row leaning forward the whole time it was hard for me to see the person talking on stage. The public were allowed to take photos of the celebrities and Graham Norton was a great host for the evening. Not only did he make everyone laugh but he also helped celebrities out if they had made mistakes and gave them a hug.

I took a few photographs of my favourite celebrities that were there. The awards ended at 9.30pm and you could see the celebrities walking really quickly out of the theatre and you could tell they didn’t want to be bothered at all. I was walking down the road trying to find a taxi and James Nesbit was behind me and I think he was with his mum. He hadn’t won any awards which was a shame and he didn’t look very happy and was in a rush to find a taxi. I was hoping for The Missing and the Great British Bake Off to win some awards but they didn’t. A lot of the nominees and TV series I hadn’t heard of before whereas most people there did. I enjoyed the Bafta TV Awards a lot more than I thought I would have. It was also nice to know that I was going back to a hotel after instead of getting the train home that night. The event seemed to go really fast and it was differently a great experience especially the red carpet. If you are planning on going next year and getting tickets I would advise getting to the theatre at around 6 or 5.45 so you can experience the red carpet more and also hang around the theatre after if you have time as you don’t know who you might see.

What do you love about the Bafta TV Awards?


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  1. Rachel May 15, 2015 / 12:26 am

    Wow! You were so lucky to win that prize! I’ve always wanted to go to something like that, great that you can buy tickets to this too! xo

  2. Kirsty May 17, 2015 / 11:47 am

    Wow sounds like a great night, you re a very lucky girl!! I may have a but tickets next year, quite fancy walking down a red carpet lol.
    Kirsty x


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