August in Pictures

This is a different post this month where I have picked my favourite every day photographs of things I have bought and ate. I take a lot of photographs especially on my mobile when I’m out. This may sound weird but sometimes when I really like something in a store but it’s expensive and it’s not really essential I snap a photograph of it as then you will always have that photograph and it feels like I have bought it. I took a photograph of the More Issues than Vogue not book as it was from Home Sense for £5 and I just thought I have so many note books I’ll just take a photograph of it. Does anyone know where they might of seen the create your own gift in Wilkinsons before? I have defiantly seen something similar in Sephora stores.

If you love Nutella as much as me you might want to try the Hazelnut Carte D’or as it’s amazing. I also tried my first Flat White the other day but it didn’t taste much difference from a Latte but it was more expensive for some reason. Just looking at these pictures are making me hungry. I love food so most of my photographs will be food unfortunately. I will try and do these posts more often even though this post is similar to the posts I used to do called my week in photographs. Instead of doing them weekly I will try and do them monthly so next month will be September in pictures and so on.

What have you enjoyed doing this month?


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