Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty London

Ever since the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty was first announced in the media I knew I had to go. I have been to a number of exhibitions that have show cased his work and other designers and photographers such as Nick Knight. Online tickets sold quite quickly and there are only a couple of time slots left on the website. I couldn’t find a time that was suitable for me so my friend decided to head to West London and queue up for day tickets. The V&A said on the phone that they had 200 day tickets each day. My friend queued outside the V&A at around 8 in the morning with another 100 people who were also waiting. She managed to buy two tickets at £16 each for me and herself. I had an interview that morning at 11 and she managed to get tickets for 3.10 that day.

I had to get over from East London to West London within an hour and I also had to grab food on the way. It was quite a busy day as I also stopped off at Leicester Square to see if there were any Cinderella Exhibition tickets left but the security man said there was a 2 hour wait just to get a day ticket for that day. I decided to head straight to the V&A and we both made it in line as they had strict time slots and we were the last people for the 3.10pm time slot. It was pretty busy in the queue and there was another time slot after us for 3.15pm. The first room you go into has all quotes on the wall and there are catwalk outfits going around the room.

The exhibition starts off telling you the story about Alexander McQueen growing up in London and his dad being a taxi driver and he worked as a tailor in London. One of his quotes that stood out the most for me was “If you don’t know how to construct a garment, You won’t be able to de-construct one” The quote was something along them lines. You weren’t allowed to take photographs or sketch whilst in the Exhibition.

There were quite a few rooms that you entered and were just blown away by the clothes and also how the exhibition was set up. There was a room covered in bones and skulls which was quite cool and also the main room where you can sit and look all around the room up high at all the clothes and accessories hanging up. Each room was a bit crowded at times so you had to wait to read or view some of the pieces which spoiled it a bit. My favourite collection was from Spring/Summer 2010 as I just loved the Armadillo shoes made from pythons skin. They were also worn my Lady Ga Ga in one of her music videos. The whole exhibition took around an hour to view and read most descriptions and quotes.At the end there was a gift shop that had a lot of Alexander McQueen merchandise ranging from £1 pins to £300 scarves. I decided to buy three postcards that were £1 each and also a Butterfly brooch that was £2. You could also buy canvas bags for £10 and notebooks for £20. The exhibition is probably one of the most inspiring exhibitions I had ever been too. It was definitely worth the money and I wished I could of spent all day there. There was one room where you could sit and relax and absorb the designs, information and catwalks that were being shown. Everyone was really quite in the exhibition which was nice and it was mostly women in the exhibition. I would love to go again and spend even more time there it’s well worth getting to the V&A early and queing up for day tickets.

What Exhibitions have you loved?


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