A trip to Oxford Street :)

Giant hello kitty
I went to Oxford street for one of my interviews and had to go to Selfridge’s as I ended up in the Artbox section looking at all the stationery which I love. Saw this giant hello kitty and it was £190 and they sold one the other day the employee mentioned. I didn’t buy anything from this section but spent a lot of time looking at everything.

Next trip was to John Lewis where I Saw these sugars for tea and cupcakes that you could eat they are pretty cool I was going to get some but not many people in my family have sugar with their tea but they are nice decorative pieces.
Sugar Fish john lewisSugar from john lewis
Just before I went home I couldn’t leave with out getting another Pinkberry. I was going to get the large tub but it’s so big having just chocolate would not be good so I decided on the small tub again and it was really nice my favourite of the flavours.

Chocolate Pinkberry

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