A day out in London

Here are some photographs I took when I went to London the other day. I love the sign board at Earls Court as an arrow lights up pointing to the destination the train is going to. There is no time displayed but trains are regular. After spending some time in West London I decided to get the train to Piccadilly and visit Whole foods Market. I have previously made my own peanut butter before which was really and I found a different machine. The machine crushes hazelnuts and chocolate drops and forms a Nutella spread minus all the sugar. I have tried some of it on a spoon and it’s really nice a tad bit grainy and I’m defiantly missing the sugar taste you get from Nutella. I tried it on toast one morning and it was edible but you could just about taste the chocolate. It reminds me of a watered down Nutella that has no added sugar. Half a tub was around £2.30 and they had some tubs pre-made already but they were £4+.

Whilst at Earls Court I popped into Greggs as it was the last day to use my free coffee that was from their app. I also bought a mini brown tuna baguette which isn’t actually sold in a Greggs near me which is a shame. Whilst in Waitrose in John Lewis there was a Lindt competition where you had to find the bunny names around the store. My bf and I filled out the form and my bf actually won the giant bunny. Earls Court station signswholefoods make your own chocolate spreadfree greggs coffee with applindt waitrose giant easter soft toy bunnylindt easter hunt at waitroseGreen Sheep Piccadilly

Whilst in Piccadilly I bumped into a green sheep. Like every year in London they always place statues around and they are then normally auctioned for charity. I have taken photos of the elephants, giant eggs and Paddington bear. It was the evening in London and TGI Fridays had a queue out the door so we decided to go to Whole foods for dinner. In Whole foods they have a salad bar and hot bar and your not allowed to mix. I picked up a big box and filled it with rice, pasta, butter nut square and chicken. I checked the weight as I went round and it said it was going to be around £8. Whilst in the qeue the man in front of me had a box too and it was came 850 grams which is around £15 which is crazy. But the man had mixed the bars together and you can’t do this as the salad bar is a little cheaper than the hot bar. The man had to go and start again. I was surprised my box came to £5.15 as I would of bought more if I had known. I can’t wait to go back to Whole foods again to get another box of food from the hot bar.

What do you love about London?


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