12 Months of Happiness August

This is a health update for the Month. This month has been great when it comes to my health with healthy eating and fitness and also relating back to my previous 12 months of happiness July that wasn’t that happy.

To start with this month I have made sure I’m eating 3 meals a days and yes that does mean I need to spend more time in the kitchen but I don’t mind. If I don’t eat 3 meals a day I start to snack all day with junk food.

There is one main item I stock up on and that is bottled water whether it’s from the tap or Evian water. I can really notice when I go a day without a lot of water as I get really bad headaches.

This month I’m sure I’v ate more vegetables and fruit than I have done the whole of my life. I didn’t realize how little fruit and veg I actually ate until now when I’m eating more than five portions a day of either fruit or veg.

I have been really good with exercise this month and normally I start running or using the treadmill then after a few times I just stop doing it as I used to spend hours exercising a week and I used to hate it. So I decided I’d just walk as much as possible. I could never find a balance but I hated the fact that I would never be out of breath everyday or push myself to the limit. I decided to try a HIIT work out which is a High Intensity Interval Training. I use a stop watch and I run for 60 seconds as fast as I can to get my heart rate up and then I do a brisk walk to rest for 90 seconds. I repeat this 8 times so I spend 8 minutes running as fast as I can and it really gets your heat rate going and it’s quite tiring and difficult. I have been doing the HIIT work out around 4-5 times a week which I don’t mind as I know I only need to spend 28 minutes doing exercise in one day which is more realistic than spending hours in the gym doing the same thing over and over and not pushing your body the hardest. After my HIIT work out I always make sure I have a carb and protein meal within the 30 minutes after the workout as this helps rebuild your muscles and helps you avoid cramps. I’m really enjoying the HIIT Work out more than I thought I would and I’ve already noticed my body changing and my fitness level improving.

Eating out has proved difficult but I always try and find the healthiest option. Every now and then I do treat myself when it’s just one of those days. Most of the time when I have a treat the next day I need one too and it just carries on so it does more bad than good so unless you really really need some form of junk food don’t unless you really need it. With myself I have found I wanted a treat of chocolate just cause it was a Friday night and I thought to myself whilst eating it that I wasn’t even craving it in the first place and I just wanted a treat cause I hadn’t had one for a long time. I won’t be making that mistake again. I also took a trip to my local Boots store and weighed myself on their scales and got a rough idea of my BMI and body fat. I will only be checking this when I’m next in Boots I won’t be going there every week as I never normally weigh myself as it’s down to how I feel and how clothes fit me a number doesn’t help me at all.

A new month is about to start and I have lot’s of goals I want to reach by October so I’m looking forward to working as much as possible in September.

What have you been proud of this month?


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